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In this tutorial, you will see how to Split PDF and Extract Pages from it without using Acrobat Pro.  Acrobat is a powerful software suite, which helps to do many things along with splitting and extracting pages.  Unfortunately, many of us might not be able to buy it for personal use because of its cost.  In those cases, the below tool would help you to split pdf into parts and extract pages from it.  TTFA PDF split is a freeware to split and separate out pages from pdf or pdfs with ease.

Contents at a Glance

Download Link
Download and install the tool
Split PDF into Parts

See how to divide a pdf into smaller parts.
Split pdf by Page
Extract or separate only certain pages of pdf.
Extract Pages and Merge
Explains how to merge the separate pages extracted pages.
Delete Pages of pdf or pdfs 
Demonstrates how to delete pages of pdf or multiple pdfs.


Windows XP and above.
Dot Net 4.0 and above.

Click the below image to download PDF Split and Extract Pages.

Some of you may wonder why would one want to split pdf into multiple files or parts.  There are many reasons behind split pdf into smaller files.  PDFs are sometimes in the range of GBs, which are difficult to be shared.  You may have a pdf of size 73 MB, which you prefer to share as an attachment rather than through Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.  Most of the email providers restrict the size of attachments to 25 MB.  So, in that case, you can just split pdf document into two parts or three parts and then send it as attachments in 3 different mails. Let's see how to divide an ebook into different pieces.

1. Download the software from the above link and open it. 

2. Open the software and click Add Files to add single or multiple pdfs.  You have to just browse and select the pdfs. You can see the total number of pages in the Total Pages: 

3.  In Parts Count, mention the number of parts you want to split the pdf. Let's say, you want to split the first pdf into four parts and the second one into 5 parts, just mention that in the parts count.

4.  Click Select All and then Split into parts.  If you forget to click Select All, then only the pdf which is highlighted would be split into parts. You would be prompted to select the output folder. Select the folder where you want the separated pdfs to be saved. The pdfs would be split into the specified parts.  The output folder would be opened where you can find the splitted pdfs, which are named as pdf-name-part1, pdf-name-part2, etc.

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For example, if you are having a course material and you want to share only a part of it with your friend, you can use this tool and extract only the pages that you want to share. Sometimes, you may want to extract pages 2, 5-7, 24, etc. This is also possible with this tool.

1.  Click Add Files and select your pdfs.

2.  In the Extract pages column mention the pages you want to extract.  You can mention the range 1-2, 5-7, etc or single pages such as 300, 350, 222, etc or a combination of both such as 2, 5-7, 8-9

3.  Click Select All and click Extract Pages.  Select the output folder and the pdf pages would be extracted. The extracted pdfs would have the naming as pdf-name-extracted pages.

Click Select All, else only the highlighted pdf would be split.

Okay, now comes the cool part! You can also merge the extracted pdfs. Consider the scenario where you want to extract the second and third chapter from an ebook and make it a single book, so that you can read only those 2 chapters on your phone.  This can be easily done with our tool.

1.  Mention the page number ranges.

2.  Click Add Bookmarks when Merging to add bookmarks to all the combined pdfs.  If you don't put check mark, no bookmarks would be added.

Add Bookmarks When Merging helps to add bookmarks to extracted pdf’s in the final combined pdf. This helps to navigate through each of the extracted parts with ease.

3.   Select All and then Extract and Merge.

4.   Give your PDF a name.

5.  You would get one single pdf of all the extracted pages with or without bookmarks as per your selection.

Do you want to merge multiple pdfs into 1 single pdf with or
without bookmarks, click here.

What are ignored pages and why do you need it? Let's look into the situation where you have a 1500 page ebook and you want to delete some of the pages containing sensitive information or images.  This is where you can use this option. Just mention the pages that you want to be deleted from your pdf, then those would be deleted in the final pdf.

1.  If you want to delete some pages for some reason, you can also do that.

2.  Click Select All and click Extract Ignored pages.  This would delete the mentioned pages.

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