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First, a small brief about this irritating thing that hijacked my favorite browsers Chrome and Firefox. Without my knowledge, this "Ads not by this site" took over my browsers, both Chrome and Firefox. Though initially I ignored the dancing mobiles and shoot em up ads on my Google home page, later the ads became so annoying that I even hated to open my browsers. Yes, I agree Google also shows ads, but they are mild and blend with the search page and are related to our search, but these things, I have no words to explain!

Quest to Remove Ads Not By This Site

When I realized that these were not the regular ads and some spyware or malware, I started the great quest to remove this irritating thing. First page of Google search advised me to install this, install that, uninstall this, uninstall that.... I did everything I read, installed 3 to 4 softwares to check spyware or malware and uninstalled some softwares from my computer which are not needed. Alas! Nothing worked. Every time, I restarted my browser I was hoping this would be gone, but it was not the case. Finally, after nearly 10 days, I tried a simple idea on a forum and it worked like a charm. Let's see how it worked.

Bad Extension

Ads not by this site is basically an add-on or extension in your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc.) To remove this, all you have to do is open the Extensions of your browser and disable anything that starts with Save or anything that looks fishy. That's it! You are done with it. You can also go to Add or Remove Programs of your computer and remove anything that starts Save-it, Save as, etc. These are the things that are causing the problem. I have gone through Firefox and Chrome below. Since I have removed the extensions, I won't be able to show the actual bad extensions.

Google Chrome

Click Customize and Control button at the top right hand corner of Chrome, then click Tools and then Extensions.

The Extensions tab will open. After that, click Extensions on the left hand side and look for the extensions that start with Save, Save as, Save it, or something of that sort. Remove the checkmark near those suspicious extensions and click the bin icon to remove the extension. This will remove the unwanted extension from Chrome.


In Firefox, click Tools and then Add-ons. The Add-on manager will be opened in a new tab.
Click Extensions on the left side, click Disable to disable the suspicious extensions, particularly the ones that start with Save, and finally click Remove and remove it from Firefox.

Uninstall the Bad Extensions From Your Computer

Below is a list of troublesome extensions.  Sometimes these extensions can be removed only by uninstalling from the Control Panel.  So, if the ads still persist, go to Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel and look for any of the below listed softwares and uninstall them. Click the below links to see how to uninstall a program in your version of Windows.

List of Commonly Troublesome Add-ons
1 Click Downloader                Click 2 Save                      CodecC                           CodecM
Coupon Dropdown                 Coupon Companion          Deals Plugin                    Extension
Facebook Dislike                    Iminent                               With Java plug-ins          Media Plugin
Privacy SafeGuard                 Protector by IB                   SaveAs                           Save-It
Search-newTab                     TheBflix5.0                         TheBflix Class                 Vid-Saver
Vuze                                       Widgi                                  Yontoo                            
YouTube Plus                        ZoomEx                               ZoomIt
Adobe Flash Player 11 activeX
Lyric Pal
Lyrics Fan

Hopefully, this would remove the Ads Not By this Site from your browsers.  Though this worked for me, I cannot guarantee that this would work for you also, but I wish it would work for you also. Thank you for reading my blog and please do mention whether this worked or not in the below comments.  We would also love to hear if any other solution worked for you, so that somebody somewhere would be benefited.

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