How to Use PDF Page Counter and Export the Summary to Notepad or Excel

In this tutorial, you will see how to count the total number of pages in all the pdfs in a folder using pdf page counter.  This is very useful for people who have to deal with thousands of pages of pdfs daily likely documentation specialists, record reviewers, and others.  It also comes with the export to notepad or excel which is very handy!

Download Link

Click  the below image to download the tool.

How to count PDF pages using PDF Page Counter

Click Add Files and browse and select all the pdf files.  You can use either Control + A or select all the files using your mouse.  Total pages gives the total number of pages in all the pdf files in that folder.  In the table, you can see all the pdf names and their page numbers.  Sort the pdfs by clicking on Document Name or Page Count.

How to Export Summary

There is also an option to export the table to text pad or excel sheet.  Click Select All and then click Export. Select the location where you want to save the note pad and give the notepad a name.

The table would be exported as notepad with each pdf name and their pages along with total number of pages.  You can do the same thing to export the table as excel sheet.  To remove a pdf from the table, click the entire row and click remove selected files.  Click Clear All to remove all the files and to start the process once again.