How to Make an Animated Gif Image Using Freeware

In this tutorial, you will see how to make an animated gif for your avatar or make a simple demonstration of your screen activity to lend a hand to a friend or colleague to explain about the working of a software.

Ever wondered how they make these moving animation images?  These are called gifs or gif images.  Similar to image formats such as PNG, JPG, etc., gif is also an image format.  We are talking about the gif image as below.

These are gif images and you can use a freeware called LICEcap to make them.

Download LICEcap

Download the software by clicking here.

How to Record Animated GIF?

LICEcap records your screen and then makes the recording into an image format.  After you install the software, open it.  The below video explains about the working.

The Record button starts the recording.  You would be prompted to save your gif image.  You can pause the recording for a while and resume the recording by clicking Pause/Resume.  Stop button stops the recording.

Once you have recorded your screen, open the gif image from the location where you saved it previously.  This image would be played in the default web browser.  Below is the gif that I made in the Youtube video.

This ends the tutorial on create an animated gif.  If you found this tutorial useful, please don't forget to share it, so that others can easily find it.