How to Capture Audio from Internet for Free

How to capture audio from internet for free as mp3 files is one of the most frequently asked questions. There are many softwares available on the internet, which can do this job, but most of them are paid ones or trial versions or come with some kind of restriction. Why use them when our famous Audacity can not only record streaming music but also any sound playing on your computer?


Download Audacity

For those of you who have not heard about Audacity, it is a freeware or free software. It has many recording features and can be used even to record live bands. It has options to do sophisticated audio editing. You can also remove noise using Audacity and change voice and pitch. First things first, download Audacity from here. Install the software using the instructions provided on the installation screen.

In the below video, I have explained how to record internet radio using Audacity. If you are a video guy or gal and prefer videos over a written guide, go ahead and watch it.

Video on Recording Streaming Audio Online as mp3

How to Enable Stereo Mix?

For recording streaming audio, you should have enabled stereo mix on your computer. In Windows 2007 or later versions, click the speaker icon in the right hand bottom corner of your screen.

A pop-up will open. Click Mixer in that pop-up and System Sounds.

Now, another box will open called the Sound Dialog and you have to click the recording tab in this box. The recording options available will be shown and one of them would be Stereo Mix. Most of the time, this Stereo Mix won't be enabled in your computer. Right click on Stereo Mix and then click Enable. Click Ok and close all the boxes that you opened.

Now, Audacity can record any Sound playing on your computer.

I Don't Find Stereo Mix in My System

If you don't find Stereo Mix in your computer, read this help article about missing stereo mix.

Do you have Windows XP? Watch this video to enable stereo mix


Record Streaming Music

Open Audacity from the desktop or Start Windows > Programs. There will be a microphone icon at the top and you have to select the option Stereo Mix in it. Click the recording button or the red round button to start your recording. Now, go to the website from where you want to record the music and start playing the music. Once the song is completed, click the square button to stop the recording. You can also listen to the recording by clicking the play button.

Time to Save the Music

While recording, there will be spikes in sound wave such as the image shown below. This clearly shows that the sound has been recorded.


Aye! We have finished the recording. Let's save the music. Click the File menu at the top and then Export.

Name your song. The default file extension for your recorded song will be wav, but you can change the extension to mp3 from the Save As drop-down menu. Save the file in a preferred location by browsing to that folder.  In the next screen, you can enter the song details and click Ok. The song will be saved as mp3 and you can listen to it any time on your computer or mobile devices off-line.

  • Your have to always click the recording button before starting the
    music.Doing so, you can ensure that the music is recorded from the very
  • If you don't select the Stereo Mix option, you won't be able to record the song.

This completes the tutorial on how to capture audio from internet for free.

Word of Caution

Any song or music is a copyrighted material and is subject to copyright laws. So, only use this for personal use and don't distribute the song or music illegally.

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