Embed Only Part of Youtube Video in Powerpoint From Certain Starting Time to Ending Time

This is a detailed guide on how to embed only a Part of Youtube video in PowerPoint from specific start time to end time.

First the basics! Why do you need only a part of Youtube video in PowerPoint? Youtube is a great informational resource and there are many great videos about anything and everything. You can easily add a couple of these videos to your PPT to pep up your PPT. But, most of these existing methods tell you only how to add a full Youtube video and not how to add only a certain part of youtube video in PPT.

Let's say, you are making a PPT about Youtube video SEO tips and you want to show a couple of tips from videos done by famous people in the industry.  When you insert a video in PPT just using the existing methods, the video will start from the beginning and go on and on until the end. You don't want your viewers to listen to all their talks, you just need a particular tip at a particular point of the video! Now, you can easily cut out their blah blahs using the below guide. When you use this method and rehearse timing properly, your video will start at one specific point and stop at another. Let's see how to do this. By the way, if you don't know what is rehearse timing, please see the below video.

Rehearse Timing

Trimming the Youtube Video Link (2007, 2003, and 2010)

You have to add the YT video link to your PPT, so some clipping of the link has to be done before adding it to PPT. Fill in this form.  In the drop-down menu "Where do you want to embed part of Youtube video?", select PPT.  Click Get the Code.  That's it your link is ready.  Any doubts in the form, read this article or ask in the comments.

Depending on the version of your PPT follow the remaining steps.  Inserting the Youtube Video in PPT 2007 (applies for 2010 also).

We are more than halfway through how to put a specific part of Youtube video in PowerPoint. Before inserting the video, click on the Microsoft logo and click PowerPoint Options at the bottom.

In the Options box, you have to put a checkmark near Show Developer tab in the Ribbon.

This will display the Developer tab in the PPT ribbon at the top. Click on the wrench icon in Developer tab.

Select the option Shockwave Flash Object. This will change your cursor to a crosshair like shape. Use this crosshair and draw a box. This is your video box and this will act exactly like any other object in PPT. Right click on this box and select Properties.

The Properties tool box will open. Go to the Movie column and paste your link here and close the box.

Now, view your slideshow by clicking on View From Beginning in the View tab or by pressing F5. Tada! The movie will play from where you wanted it to start and stop. Of course, don't forget to save your PPT.

Watch my below how to embed part of Youtube video in Powerpoint for more clearer instructions!

Open your Powerpoint presentation and right click on the empty space at the 

tool bar on the top and select the option Control Tool Box.

A box will open and click on the wrench icon in that box. Use your cross-hair shaped cursor and draw a video box. Right click on this video  object and click Properties.

In the Properties box that opens go to the Movie column at the bottom and paste your movie link that we trimmed and copied previously. That's it!

Now, you can view your trimmed video in PPT by pressing F5.

  • Using this video link won't show related videos at the end of the video playing time.
  • You will need live internet during your presentation.

Watch the below video regarding the above steps.

Don't forget that you need a live internet connection during your presentation for this video to play. Follow the above simple instructions and easily embed part of youtube video in PPT.  If you want to know how to add narration to your PPT, click here and to convert ppt to video click here.

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