Make a PPT Presentation Run Automatically - Self-Running PPT - Rehearse Timing

In my previous tutorial, I explained how to add narration to PPT presentation and in this guide, you will learn how to make a PPT presentation run automatically without using a mouse.  This is also known as self-running PPT and this can be easily accomplished using the option Rehearse Timing.  This is the best option for setting the timing of each slide.  You may want to make a PPT run automatically when making a video from slideshow. Let's see how it works.

Open your PowerPoint presentation.  Click Slide Show in the top menu bar and click the option Rehearse Timing.

The rehearsal pop-up box will be opened along with the slideshow.

Progress each animation in the slide by clicking on the slide or by using the spacebar.  If you had already set the timing of the animations using custom animation, the animation will progress automatically.  If you do any mistake, you can reset the timing of the slide by clicking the bent arrow button.  You can pause the Rehearse Timing recording by clicking the pause button. Progress to the next slide by clicking the progress arrow.

When you reach the end of the slideshow, a pop-up box will open asking if you want to keep the new slide timings of the slideshow.  Click No only when you are not satisfied with the rehearsed timing, else click Yes.

The slides will be saved along with their slide timings.

Play the slide show using F5 or by clicking on View Slideshow From Beginning.

If you feel that the recorded timings are not perfect, you can always re-record the timings by clicking once again on Rehearse Timing.  This will overwrite the previously recorded timings.  A self-running PPT is very handy in making a video.

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