Add Narration to PowerPoint Presentation

In this tutorial, you will learn how to add narration or sound to your PowerPoint presentation.  While there are many ways to add narration to a PPT, we will just see the built-in method.

Before recording your narration, don't forget to make sure that the microphone has been plugged in.

Open your PowerPoint presentation.  In the top menu bar, click SlideShow and then click Record narration.

The Record Narration pop-up box will open.  You can click on set microphone level to check whether your microphone is working properly.

Change Quality button is used to change the quality of your narration.  Modify these settings only if you are an advanced user, else simply leave the default settings.

Put a check mark in Link Narration In only if you want to save the narration in a separate folder.  This is very useful when you are recording a large narration.  For a small narration, leave this box unchecked and the narration will be embedde in your presentation.  Click Ok and start recording the narration.  Progress the slides by clicking on the slides.

When you have reached the end of the narration, click on the black screen to finish the narration.  A pop-up will open and it will ask whether you want to save the slide timings as well.  Select the option Don't Save if you want the viewer to progress the slideshow manually by clicking on the slides.  For making a video from PowerPoint presentation, we need to progress the slides automatically, so click the button Save.

Your narration will be saved in your PPT along with the slide timing.  Now, watch the slideshow along with the narration by pressing F5 or by clicking Play Slideshow From Beginning.

You can also add narration to any given slide. To do so, click on the particular slide and click SlideShow and Record narration and click Ok.  A pop-up will open asking whether you want to record narration from the Current Slide or from the First Slide.

Select Current Slide and start narrating.  When you are finished with the narration of the current slide, progress the other slides normally and finish the narration.

You can also pause your narration while recording.  Just right click on the slide and select the option Pause Narration and your recording will be paused.

To restart the narration, right click on the slide and select the option Resume narration.

This is how we have to add narration to PPT presentation.  Add Youtube videos to your PPT explains how to add Youtube clips to PowerPoint.

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